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Mechanized Design is a technical solutions provider specializing in product development and engineering services for a variety of industries. With a combined knowledge base of over 100 years experience, the Mechanized Design founders identified that there was a strong need in the field for an ethical engineering group that could also empower companies by providing innovative product development strategies.


For years, the senior leadership team observed the limitations set forth by companies that limited new ideas and approaches to everyday challenges. Today, Mechanized Design is committed to doing the right thing, and that means providing high-quality engineering services, expert opinions, a receptive soundboard to new ideas.


The engineering firm is based in Kansas, and proudly serves small, mid-size, and large companies throughout the Midwest and the United States. Company capabilities include, but are not limited to: contract engineering, product strategy, applied research, prototype design, mechanical engineering, software engineering, quality engineering, lab and field testing, regulatory compliance, project management, and manufacturing strategy.

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